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We have had quite a few requests to buy students dresses or donate to our scholarship fund.  We have created a PayPal account if you would like to donate.  This fund goes directly into our local Financial Plus Credit Account to Melissa’s Closet & Crystal’s Jewelry Box.  If you have questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] 

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Have a dress to give?

Need a dress for Prom?

In loving memory of Melissa Michalowski & Crystal Carr

About Us: About Us:
In 2010 Whitmore Ace Hardware was fortunate to have employed a bright and shining start named Melissa Michalowski. Melissa came to work every day so happy to have her job at Whitmore Ace Hardware. It was hard to miss her smile and happy attitude within the store. Sadly, that December Melissa was killed in a car accident along with her friend Crystal Carr. This was a such a huge loss to all. Our staff at Whitmore Ace Hardware, felt strongly we wanted to do something in Melissa’s memory. We employ quite a few students who were talking about the expense of their prom. They were asking to work more hours to be able to afford it.

A lot of the students could not afford dresses, tux’s or limos, a lot of thing other students may take for granted. Whitmore Ace Hardware has fourteen locations in fourteen separate communities, so what a great opportunity to collect gently worn prom dresses. We asked Mike, Michael & David Cripe (owners) if we could collect them in our stores. Their response was “absolutely yes”. In an unlikely place like a hardware store, the dresses started to come in. We created Melissa’s Closet and Crystals Jewelry Box. Reed Custer High School along with the local home economics teacher gave us a room to sell these prom dresses for $5.00 each one day after school. The first year we were so excited to have 120 dresses and we are now to date we have dressed over 4,500 girls for prom. Godley Park District was kind enough to give us the gymnasium for such a large event. In 2023 we hung 2,630 prom dresses for the event. We set up 23 dressing rooms, so students may bring a limit of three dresses in to try on.

Last year we had over 100 volunteers. We have been lucky enough to have new dresses
donated by local prom stores along with jewelry shoes and purses. 2015 was our first
year of the Melissa’s Closet and Crystals Jewelry Box Scholarship, as of 2018 we have
awarded $6,000 in scholarships. Our goal is to increase that scholarship every year. At 9
am on the First Saturday of March, there are always lots of beautiful young students
waiting for the doors to open

Get your $5 prom dress

Saturday, March 2nd from 9am-1pm

at Godley Park District
500 S. Kankakee Street, Godley IL

• Long and short formal gowns from 2019-new
• Accessories: Fancy jewelry, Purses, Shoes
ALL Students Welcome! 

Prom Dresses
Hair & Makeup

Godley Park District

Godley Park District 500 S. Kankakee St. Godley, IL 60407
Melissa’s Closet & Crystal’s Jewelry Box


Our 2018 Scholarship Recipients were Haley Hamilton and Madelyn Alton

** Applications will be available the day of the sale.
** Visit us at this year’s Melissa’s Closet & Crystal’s Jewelry Box sale and fill out an application. 

Want to apply? Get the date and location!

We are Collecting Prom Dresses!

Dresses may be dropped off at any Whitmore Ace Hardware location until February 26th

• Long and short formal gowns from 2019-new
• Accessories: Fancy jewelry, Purses, Shoes
• Dresses must be clean, on hangers, and in excellent condition

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